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Community Skills Development Fund

Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan launched Chris Hani District Municipality Community Skills Development Fund on July 17, 2012 at Queenstown’s Queens Casino. CHDM council who declared education as a societal matter instigated the community development fund.

Delivering his keynote address Pravin Gordhan expressed his contentment to this initiative by CHDM saying, “Leadership is about laying foundations for tomorrow’. Gordhan went on to say ‘it is that sense that when we meet together for a common cause, the spirit of Mandela and the values of Chris Hani come to being.’ He also pleaded with the public servants to have development literacy when they are dealing with the public. Gordhan concluded by saying, ‘as we are in the Chris Hani District, we ought to live by the values he believed in, in all sectors of government and of society in order to meet the standards that have been set.’

Chris Hani DM adopted a district developmental agenda with a key focus on crop production, Forestry, Tourism, Coal Mining, Live stock improvement, Irrigation Schemes, Bio-fuels, Industrialization of the district economic hub. A balanced district developmental agenda requires a firm skills base, which is currently a challenge in the district.

In response to this and acknowledgement of education as a societal issue, in his State of the District Address on 30 May 2012E executive Mayor pronounced the establishment of the Skills Development Fund with an off-set injection of R2m. The Fund seeks to improve the skills profile of the district by addressing the scarce skills challenge through financial support to deserving learners from the area.

CHDM has identified the following identified the following study areas as key for the proposed intervention

Water Engineers and Technologist, Civil Engineers, including Built Environment (infrastructure Sector) Electrical Engineers (Energy Sector Support), Chemical Engineers & Analytical Chemists (Bio-fuels & Mining), Mining Engineers (Mining Sector, especially Coal and Quarry Mining),Geologists,Agriculturalist and Breeders, Development Planners, Production Engineering and Industrial Engineers, Tourism and Hospitality Management, IT, Artisan.

Executive Mayor Mxolisi Koyo in his address gave an overview highlighting challenges that are currently hindering service delivery to infrastructure backlogs. He went on to say, ‘As the district we need to make education a societal matter that everyone needs to be responsible for and through that education we can get the necessary skills that will help to bring about the needed growth within the district as a whole’. Koyo expressed his deepest gratitude to the business fraternity for their support and willingness to collaborate with government in developing communities they are operating in.

He concluded by ensuring everyone involved that there will be a transparent procedure to run the fund that will included all sectors involved. Giving his closing remarks Lukhanji Mayor, Cllr Mncedisi Nontsele shared a quote from Nelson Mandela expressing that ‘education is the most powerful weapon that could be used to change the world’. Nontsele said he is proud to be part of a team sores to invest in education and that indeed education is the only tool that can liberate us from the social ills that we are currently facing.