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Month: March 2018

Provincial Legislature Invites you to a Public Hearings on Administrative Adjuducation of Road Traffic Offences Amendment Bill (AARTO)

The Portfolio Committee on Transport invites you to the public hearing on the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Amendment Bill (AARTO BILL) which will take place as follows:

Venue Time Date
Cradock Vusabantu Hall 10H00 – 13h00 19 March 2018
Tarkastad Zola Community Hall 14H00 – 16h00 19 March 2018
Indwe Dora Vosloo Hall 10H00 – 13h00 20 March 2018
Dordrecht Mike Hall 14H00 – 13h00 20 March 2018
Engcobo Indoor Sports Centre 10H00 – 13h00 22 March 2018
Cofimvaba Town Hall 14H00 – 16h00 22 March 2018
Queenstown Town Hall 09H00 – 12h00 23 March 2018


The new completion date for the Xonxa project is now April 2018 after the previously scheduled completion date was not met in December 2017. The delay in the project was caused by a contractual dispute with a sub-contractor in 2017. The matter was resolved by appointing a new contractor and work is continuing normally and April remains a feasible date for completion.


The 6-phase Xonxa project is now on phase 5 which encompasses supply of water to Komani while the last phase is the provision of bulk water infrastructure and supply of water to Ilinge and Machibini.


The update on dam levels is as follows :



Bonkolo (Komani) – 10%(below the drawing point)
Waterdown (Whittlesea) – 67.9 %
Paradise (Molteno) – 77 %
Carnavon (Sterkstroom) – 76 %


Anderson (Dordrecht) – 42 %
Machubeni (Cacadu) – 100 %
Doornrivier (Indwe) – 60.6 %
Xonxa (Cacadu) – 102.6 %


Lubisi (Cofimvaba) – 49.5 %
Ncorha (Cofimvaba) – 105.2 %
Tsojana (Tsomo) – 100 %


Thompson (Khowa) – 100 %