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CHDM community is advised to take note of the following changes that the district has recently effected in the Water and Sanitation Service provision. The new developments affect five (5) satellite offices where Area Managers have been transferred from one municipality to another. The Area Managers are now responsible for water and sanitation operations and maintenance in new designated areas with effect from 01 August 2020.   The new arrangements are as follows:


Area Manager Previous Satellite Office New Satellite Office Contact Info
Mrs Z. Bukani Enoch Mgijima Inxuba Yethemba 045 808 4787
Mr B Lucando Inxuba Yethemba Enoch Mgijima 045 808 4777
Ms N Sapatwana Engcobo Enoch Mgijima Tarkastad/Hof Meyer 045 846 0195
Mr M Msokoko Enoch Mgijima Engcobo 047 548 5657
Mr Z Gqodo Intsika Yethu Emalahleni 047 878 0106
Mr M. Gcali Emalahleni Intsika Yethu 047 874 0104
Rob Potters/td> Molteno / Sterkstroom Molteno / Sterkstroom 045 967 0988


For any water and sanitation related inquiries please contact our Customer Care Call Centre on 0800 100 100 alternatively email us on


Consumers in the Chris Hani District Municipality are set to benefit from a debt incentive scheme which commences from 01 August 2020 to 30 November 2020, following concerns on low revenue collection rate. CHDM Council recently agreed on this initiative that will see certain categories of consumers benefit. The initiative is part of the district municipal revenue enhancement strategy to improve collection

The scheme which Council has introduced is mainly intended for specific categories of consumers to encourage payment of outstanding debt whilst reducing the burden of debt too.  This is a once off payment arrangement which affords customers an opportunity to pay a percentage of their outstanding debt with the corresponding percentage being written off.

All payments received from qualifying customers towards their outstanding debt as at 30 June 2020 will count towards the discount provided the current balance is settled in full during the period of the scheme.

Specific categories of customers that are eligible to participate in the scheme are domestic, non-profit organisations (Churches and NGOs) and indigent households. Both domestic households and Non-profit organizations are eligible for a maximum of 50% discount while Indigent households who have exceeded the 10Kl consumption will be afforded a once off 100% discount.

Council emphasized on the rationale for the debt incentive scheme stating that the arrangement is primarily intended to encourage customers to settle all their outstanding debt, whilst it is also a measure of providing some form of relief during the trying economic period. The advent of corona virus pandemic and the resultant National Lockdown has exacerbated an already dire economic situation for the whole country and the people of the province in particular.

Consumers are encouraged to take advantage of the scheme which commenced  from 01 August 2020 to 30 November 2020 by visiting our revenue offices throughout the district for further details or call 0800100100 alternatively email , Ms Brenda Van Heerden on; Ms Xoliswa Kave; Ms Uzusiphe Makalima

Call Centre Network Problem:

CHDM Call Centre is currently experiencing network problems with its 0800 100 100 line, However you may call 045 808 9000 or email to
Together in service delivery
Gcobani Mashiyi
Municipal Manager
Chris Hani District Municipality

CHDM Call Centre operational

CHDM Call Centre operational:
Dear valued customer, you are kindly notified that CHDM Call Centre is now operational following a temporal closure recently. You may direct all your water and sanitation complaints to 0800 100 100 once again.
Thank you for your understanding. Yours in service delivery.
Gcobani Mashiyi
Municipal Manager
Chris Hani District Municipality

#Wiseup , stop vandalism and protect your infrastructure!

Whilst attempts are made to alleviate sewerage spillages in the Cradock area, some unscrupulous acts continue to retard progress.
Foreign objects such as large stones are retrieved from the sewer lines. These continue to pose more strain on the system causing blockages that prolongs the process of resolving with an ordinary rod until services of a jetting machine are sought.
We appeal to the community to safeguard their infrastructure against vandalism – throwing of large stones, garbage and dead animals in the system results in more damage to the pipeline and affects quality delivery of services.
This is possible if we all work together.

#Covid19, #staysafe :

#Covid19#staysafe : number of infections continue to rise on a daily basis whilst we acknowledge the rise in the number of recoveries.CHDM is one of the districts with high recoveries. Let us continue to be cautious and follow hygiene protocols – ensuring that protect ourselves and those around us.

Water Supply Interruption: Indwe Town 30/07/20

Please note that there is no water at Indwe Town and Zinyoka Township due to a technical failure in the pumping system. Our technicians are attending to this. Water carting will serve as an alternative supply in the meantime
We apologize for the inconvenience, for more information please contact 0800100100.
Together in service delivery
Gcobani Mashiyi
Municipal Manager
Chris Hani District Municipality

Virtual Special Meeting Council Meeting

Public Notice : The Municipal Manager of Chris Hani District Municipality as duly instructed by the Council Speaker Cllr. Mxolisi Koyo hereby gives notice in terms of Section 19(b) of the Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000 as amended, that a special council meeting of Chris Hani District Municipality be held as follows: