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Introducing the agent and contractors to Councillors of Ward Ward 3, Ward 7, and Ward 17 at Emalahlenilm LM

3 Wards, (Ward 3, Ward 7, and Ward 17) of Emalahleni Local Municipality are set to benefit from 379 Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine structures to be constructed by CHDM. Chris Hani agent HSCC/ Sokhani JV Consultant will monitor the works from 10 local SMMEs who have been appointed to construct 39 units each over a duration of one month.

Introducing the agent and contractors to Councillors of Ward 3, Ward 7, and Ward 17 at Council Chambers today, CHDM Deputy Executive Mayor, Cllr Noncedo September urged suppliers to deliver quality services to Chris Hani community members to uphold and protect the reputation of government.

155 households in Maqhubela, 135 in Fani and 89 households in Ntsinga village will have new VIP toilets by the end of this year.


Five villages in Intsika Yethu LM namely; Khuze-lamthole, Qwele, Upper Makhwababa, Mahlubi and Sigangeni are to benefit in 351 ablution structures that will be constructed this month until December 2023. CHDM Deputy Executive Mayor, Cllr Noncedo September is currently handing over the contractor to Intsika Yethu Municipality that will facilitate further processes including community engagement and employment opportunities expected in this project.

As part of Water Tuesdays,

Executive Mayor Cllr Lusanda Sizani, accompanied by Mayor Koni and Councillors form Emalahleni LM, are currently conducting a walk-about in Dordrecht town. The aim being to unblock water and sanitation challenges in the area. This involves site visits to water works, pumpstations and areas marred with sewerage spillages, for immediate intervention.

A dedicated technical team will remain in the area, ensuring meaningful implementation of all proposed interventions.

Key projects that are implemented in Dordrecht include a upgrading of boreholes to augment on existing sources, upgrades to Munnik and Anderson dams – extending capacity and rerouting of sewerage pipe line which was affected by flood disaster earlier this year

Joint Operation Gqogqa clamps down non-complying businesses

CHDM is embarking on a Joint Operation Gqogqa, inspecting food premises, specially spaza shops ensuring compliance and food safety for consumers. The operations will curb suspicious activities and clamp down on illegal immigrants.

The campaign is conducted in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders such as sector departments, SAPS, Home Affairs, Dept of Economic Affairs and Tourism, National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications, and local municipality

CHDM, led by Executive Mayor Cllr Lusanda Sizani, championed coordination of all role players in the district and scheduled a Joint Multi-sectoral Operations Committee sitting to reflect on progress