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From 2 to 4 March CHDM management, government departments and state-owned enterprises met in Cradock to draft its strategic plan for 2016/17 period. The strategic plan is drafted to guide municipal strategies and operations in order to achieve organizational objectives in line with the Integrated Development Plan of the institution.

The Strategic session follows strategic sessions by internal municipal departments who had sat to draft their departmental strategies and how they aim to help the municipality realise its goals and objectives. After finalisation, the operational plans of the institution have to be aligned to the strategic plan. Executive Mayor Mxolisi Koyo said “this strategic session will be closely monitored by Councillors to ensure there is efficient delivery. This is something we have done since the beginning of our term and we have always intervened where warranted”.

It is important to note that this is the 4th consecutive year that CHDM held a strategic session with a strategic plan that is linked to the term of office of the current political office bearers. The first one was literally a complete drafting of the strategic plan of the municipality. All the following annual sessions mainly deal with the modifications and report back of the plan. The macro environment which includes new policy, national priorities, legislation, political changes, economic changes to name a few influence the change in strategy.

This strategic plan took into cognisance the current national, provincial and local environment which will make it easy to draft relevant action plans.