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Complaints Management Procedure


The Chris Hani District Municipality has developed and adopted a Customer Complaints Management Procedure in order to ensure that all queries, complaints and disputes are attended effectively and efficiently. This procedure will be implemented in line with the CHDM Customer Service Charter as adopted. 

Complaints Management Procedure:

  • All customer complaints must be registered with the 24/7 Customer Call Centre on 0800 100 100 or email and/or walk-in to our Customer Care Satellite offices situated in local municipalities.
  •  A reference number will be generated against the complaint.
  •  The attendant will acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the customer.
  •  The complaint will be assigned to the relevant technician/officer/plumber who will carry out the work required to address the complaint.
  •  A job card will be issued and marked with the reference number Depending on the complexity of the matter coupled with the availability of resources, a complaint shall be attended to according to the timelines as per
    CHDM Customer Service Charter.
  •  All complaints not attended to within specified timeframes will be escalated to Senior Management for further interrogation and intervention and ultimately Council structures for final intervention.
  • To lodge an account query/dispute: customers are requested to fill-in the account dispute form available on and/or Customer Care Satellite offices and submit to the closest CHDM billing office and/or

Issued by: CHDM Communications Unit.