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Ms Rene’ Hykes-Augustus

  • Office Phone

    045 808 4713

  • Location

    42 Cathcart Road, Central,
    Queenstown, Eastern Cape,
    South Africa


The department is responsible for the following functions: Bulk water services; Bulk sanitation services; Roads maintenance (this in terms of the Service Level Agreement entered into with the Department of Roads and Public Works in the Province); Geographic information systems. Huge allocation of the Chris Hani District Municipality capital budget is being managed by the Directorate. Due to high demand from communities to have access to basic services, it creates a knock on effect to the directorate to ensure that it manages and delivers these services within the stipulated times. The directorate is pivotal in the fight against unemployment and poverty which is translated into contracts that benefit communities, small entrepreneurs and private sector. The district municipality’s economic growth is mainly sustained by the construction industry which in turn is supported by funds through programmes from different sector departments. As a directorate it has to ensure that these funds benefit the community as a whole through good governance, accountability and transparency. Achieving the millennium development goals still remains our biggest challenge.


  • Eliminate backlog on water and sanitation
  • Provision of water and sanitation through service delivery contracts with the 8 Local Municipalities
  • Provide transport plan
  • Maximise job creation through Expanded Public Works Programme
  • Provide bulk and economic infrastructure
  • Build the capacity of emerging contractors through EPWP

Domestic Water and Sanitation Provision

Interventions under taken: EPWP (Expanded Public Works Programme). Provision of Infrastructure – Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG), RBIG and ACIP. Water Service Provision through a Service Delivery contract with 8 of the local municipalities within the District (Operation and Maintenance). Road Maintenance. Refurbishment of aging infrastructure through ACIP funding.

EPWP (Expanded Public Works Programme)

The programme is mainly divided into two components namely the Vukuphile programme and the creation of jobs which is translated into work opportunities.  Vukuphile programme focuses on the development of local contractors so that they can attain higher CIDB grading. This would enable them to compete with more established contractors during the tendering phases, to date the entire 23 learner contractors which are the recipients of the programme received theoretical training and further mentored on the job in various construction sites throughout the District. They successfully completed various projects which form part of the District Municipality’s. Water and Sanitation backlog elimination strategy. Maximising the creation of jobs primarily focussed on two areas namely:

  • Minimisation in the use of machinery in the implementation of all projects that are implemented by the District.
  • Internship programme where unemployed graduates had been employed on a 2 year contractual basis and placed in different work streams in order for them to acquire valuable work experience.

Water Services Provision

The Water and Sanitation Services is provided through a contract between the CHDM and its 8 Local Municipalities. There are areas of Performance that were identified mainly the ability of the local municipalities to collect the water and sanitation Revenue from its consumers. The other area of performance relates to the inability of the Waste Water Treatment plants to produce effluent which met the legislature standards. The reasons for this is the state of dilapidation of these treatment works. Huge capital investment is needed to put these in an acceptable standards.