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  • Office Phone

    045 808 4610

  • Fax

    045 838 1556

  • Location

    15 Bells Road, Central,
    Queenstown, Eastern Cape,
    South Africa


The programme is mainly divided into two components namely the Vukuphile programme and the creation of jobs which is translated into work opportunities.  Vukuphile programme focuses on the development of local contractors so that they can attain higher CIDB grading. This would enable them to compete with more established contractors during the tendering phases, to date the entire 23 learner contractors which are the recipients of the programme received theoretical training and further mentored on the job in various construction sites throughout the District. They successfully completed various projects which form part of the District Municipality’s. Water and Sanitation backlog elimination strategy. Maximising the creation of jobs primarily focussed on two areas namely:

  • Minimisation in the use of machinery in the implementation of all projects that are implemented by the District.
  • Internship programme where unemployed graduates had been employed on a 2 year contractual basis and placed in different work streams in order for them to acquire valuable work experience.