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Planning and Development


Mr Nonelela Gobeni

Senior Manager

Zintle Luhabe

  • Office Phone

    045 807 4800

  • Fax

    045 807 4820

  • Location

    59 Tylden Street, Central,
    Queenstown, Eastern Cape,
    South Africa


Ms Nikiwe Nkqoyi (Town Planner)

  • Directorate is responsible for development and implementation of Small Town Regeneration/Revitilisation which is aimed at creating accelerating development through alignment of economic activities to ensure value chain addition.
  • The Small Towns Development approach looks at the redesigning of the town layout with the aim of ensuring the potential of the space in and around the town are fully realized.
  • Responsibility to promote Social and Economic Development which is done through the Paving, Greening and Beautification programmes as an initiative to encourage Small Town Regeneration
  • Directorate is also responsible for CHDM Spatial Development Framework development which focuses on the strengthening of linkages between the different centres within the CHDM area and their relationship with centres outside the boundaries of CHDM.
  • Directorate further has a responsibility to ensure Implementation of SPLUMA which is intended to create a single and uniform approach towards Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Systems and further to ensure the establishment, functioning and operations of Municipal Planning


Development Planning – Mr. Mzamo Pumaphi (Development Planner)

  • Directorate is responsible for development and implementation of Integrated Development Plan (IDP).
  • IDP, as a Strategic Plan of the Municipality, informs all Municipal Decision-Making as well as all the Business Processes of the Municipality so the directorate is key to fulfil such function.
  • It also has a responsibility to ensure development adoption by Council of Chris Hani District Municipality IDP Framework and IDP Process Plans.
  • To harnesses all public resources of all these 3 spheres of government behind a common goal at a local level