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Ms. T Mqamelo


Ms. Lerato Ngcaku

  • Office Phone

    045 808 4616

  • Fax

    045 838 1582

  • Location

    15 Bells Road, Central,
    Queenstown, Eastern Cape,
    South Africa


The introduction of the Local Government Communication System compelled municipalities to establish communications units which are well resourced to dispense of their mandate. The unit exists to ensure effective dialogue between government and communities. It thus fulfils a wide range of communication functions such as media liaison, marketing, advertising and branding, direct and intensive unmediated communication, and internal communication.

The main objectives of the unit are thus to encourage open, honest and accountable two-way dialogue with our stakeholders and Chris Hani DM citizenry (people-centric); to strengthen and improve internal communication systems; promote a consistent corporate identity and to market CHDM as a preferred investment destination and an institution of excellence. The unit supports all directorates and all public participation activities.


The operations of the Communications Unit are guided by a communication strategy with a program of action that is reviewed annually. The communication action plan is aligned to the municipality’s IDP and key priority areas. The process towards its adoption commences with preparation of the draft document by the district communication core team and the district communication forum, circulation to the broader staff complement, management and councillors for comments. The final draft is presented to a broader consultative workshop.

The Communications unit is located in the office of the Executive Mayor’s and is administratively accountable to the office of the Municipal Manager.

The District Municipality does not have wards, the public participation process takes place through its Local Municipalities. Furthermore, in relation to the monitoring of community development workers (CDWs), CHDM does not play any role, however coordinators are always invited to attend the District Communication Forum and provide environmental assessment for their areas. They play active role in the mobilization of communities for all public participation activities and dissemination of information in their wards.