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Komani and surrounding areas are still facing severe water shortage mainly caused by drought. Water level at Waterdown dam has gravely decreased to 35% as 5 August 2019 and the dam could run out of water in a few months, if no adequate rain falls.
As a result of the low level at the dam, water pressure has decreased in the line and this has further contributed to water shortage. The low pressure has now prompted intermittent tripping of McEwan Pump station leading to occasional  cease in pumping.  This has had dire impact in the reservoir levels servicing Komani and Whittlesea.
 In response to power outages the McEwan’s pumpstation has been equipped with a standby generator to alleviate the dire consequences of power outages.
Meanwhile, tests and rectifications of the Xonxa water augmentation project have resumed after the Department of Water and Sanitation completed their project at the dam. Pipeline repairs are now near completion. An update will be provided after all tests and rectifications have been successfully undertaken.
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