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“The Moral Regeneration Movement aims to provide a positive influence to our communities starting at family level. When our democracy was still young and delicate it became clear that there was a gap in our society which was a resultant of the struggle for freedom. The MRM also seeks to bridge the moral gap which manifests itself through social ills such as murder, rape and abuse of vulnerable people”.

Those were the words of Bishop Zamindawo Gqira, the District Chairperson of the MRM addressing delegates in a dialogue in Qhumanco village of Engcobo Local Municipality. The dialogue, held on 20 July had been organised with the purpose of getting on stakeholders to come up with innovative tactics on how to address persisting social ills.

The dialogues were led by prolific figures such as Bishop Andile Mbethe, Acting HOD for the Department of Public Works Mr Mahlubandile Qwase, Mrs Ntombi Baart HOD for the Department of Social Development, Advocate Zimkhitha Mazula of the Eastern Cape Development Corporation and Chief Ngangomhlaba Mathanzima who is the Chairperson of the Provincial MRM. CHDM was the first District to hold the dialogue as instructed by the Provincial MRM that all municipalities should hold them.

Resolutions taken during the event will be tabled before CHDM Council and also cascaded to all Local Municipalities in its this jurisdiction. CHDM Speaker Councillor Mxolisi Koyo called for the resolutions to be implemented down to ward level and that institutions such as churches and schools should be included and partnered with. All Local Municipalities will also hold dialogues with the aim to ensure proper diagnosis of social issues and relevant solutions

The Moral Regeneration Movement in the Chris Hani Region was launched in February this year and a sense of eagerness to embrace it exists. There is a general lack of understanding of MRM values, especially when it comes to application. The eagerness to embrace it must be met with attempts to build understanding of the concept through dialogue across the district, to properly diagnose the extent of moral sickness in our communities. Communities are still urged to participate in Moral Regeneration dialogues and other activities aimed inculcating a culture of positive moral values throughout CHDM.

“Stand for something great and be counted for good, be more like Madiba and Mama Sisulu: it begins with you”.