• Cllr. Nonzukiso Matiwane
    Cllr. Nonzukiso Matiwane SPU & HIV & AIDS Co-Ordinating Committee
  • Cllr Wongama Gela
    Cllr Wongama Gela Executive Mayor
  • Cllr. Sibongile Mbotshane
    Cllr. Sibongile Mbotshane Integrated Planning & Economic Development
  • Cllr. Noncedo September Caba
    Cllr. Noncedo September Caba Deputy Mayor
  • Cllr. Siyabulela Nxozi
    Cllr. Siyabulela Nxozi Corporate Services
  • cllr. Adele N Hendricks Fills
    cllr. Adele N Hendricks Fills
  • cllr. Nombi-Azipheli Nkota
    cllr. Nombi-Azipheli Nkota
  • cllr. Nolitha Lali
    cllr. Nolitha Lali
  • cllr. Robert Venske
    cllr. Robert Venske
  • cllr. Luleka E Gubula
    cllr. Luleka E Gubula
  • cllr. Zukiswa Qayiya
    cllr. Zukiswa Qayiya
  • cllr. Pamela X Xelo
    cllr. Pamela X Xelo
  • cllr. Buyiswa Ntsere
    cllr. Buyiswa Ntsere
  • cllr. Kwaiman Mjezu
    cllr. Kwaiman Mjezu
  • cllr. Ncedisa Mtyobile
    cllr. Ncedisa Mtyobile
  • cllr Khaya Bizana
    cllr Khaya Bizana
  • cllr. Nyameka C Goniwe
    cllr. Nyameka C Goniwe Health & Community Services
  • cllr. Mandilakhe Kondile
    cllr. Mandilakhe Kondile
  • cllr. Gcobisa Bomela
    cllr. Gcobisa Bomela
  • cllr. Zukiswa Ralane
    cllr. Zukiswa Ralane
  • cllr. Zanemvula Deliwe
    cllr. Zanemvula Deliwe
  • cllr. Malibongwe Xhelisilo
    cllr. Malibongwe Xhelisilo
  • cllr. Monde Desha
    cllr. Monde Desha
  • cllr. Jongumzi Cengani
    cllr. Jongumzi Cengani
  • cllr. Lizeka Tyali
    cllr. Lizeka Tyali
  • cllr. Siyabulela Nxozi
    cllr. Siyabulela Nxozi
  • cllr. Nomveliso Nyukwana
    cllr. Nomveliso Nyukwana
  • cllr. Nokaya A. Dayisi
    cllr. Nokaya A. Dayisi
  • cllr. Sakele Kula
    cllr. Sakele Kula
  • cllr M. Jack
    cllr M. Jack Budget & Treasury Office
  • cllr. Mazwi Adonisi
    cllr. Mazwi Adonisi
  • cllr. Sabelo Nxawe
    cllr. Sabelo Nxawe
  • cllr. Sibusiso Eric Mvana
    cllr. Sibusiso Eric Mvana
  • Chief Abambo Qongqo
    Chief Abambo Qongqo Traditional Leader
  • Chief Lungisa Tshangana
    Chief Lungisa Tshangana Traditional Leader
  • Chief Monde Mrubata
    Chief Monde Mrubata Traditional Leader
  • Chief Mzukisi Silo
    Chief Mzukisi Silo Traditional Leader
  • Princess Nothembile Sotyatho
    Princess Nothembile Sotyatho Traditional Leader
  • Chief Xolela Mbali
    Chief Xolela Mbali Traditional Leader
  • Chief Miniyakhe Songqengqe
    Chief Miniyakhe Songqengqe Traditional Leader
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