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Executive Mayor

Cllr. Wongama Gela

Executive Mayor

Nancy Ratele

Tel: (045) 808 4606

The Municipal Structures Act requires the mayor to preside at meetings of the executive committee, performs the duties including any ceremonial functions, and exercises the powers delegated to him or her by the Municipal Council or the Executive Committee.


  • Identify needs of the municipality
  • Receiving reports from committees of municipal council thereafter reporting with recommendations to the council
  • Recommend to the municipal council strategies, programmes and services to address priority needs through the integrated development plan, & the estimates of expenditure & revenue, taking into account any applicable national and provincial development plans
  • To ensure effective political direction and decision-making.
  • To ensure good liaison with regional, provincial and national political structures.
  • To ensure the effective management of the Mayor Committee.

Cllr Wongama Gela, formerly CHDM MPAC Chairperson since 2012, was elected as the District Executive Mayor.  This was confirmed in a Council sitting of 29 May 2019

Cllr  Gela has vast experience in local government He began his career as a Community Liaison Officer for Chris Hani District Municipality early in 2004, primarily responsible for facilitating road, storm water and bucket eradication projects whilst serving as a link between the municipality and the communities involved.  Between 2009 and 2011, he served the Department of Education as an Educator while he  also served as a public representative for CHDM.

His political career spans over twenty years,  he joined the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League (as both a member and a leader) and the ANC ..   Whilst still a member of the Youth League, he got elected into the BEC of the ANC as a directly elected additional member and  served  for about four years.  Thereafter, elected as the Branch Chairperson of the ANC and  served in this position for two years, before he accepted responsibility as the Branch Treasurer.

As both the member and branch leader in the ANC, Cllr  Gela was elected as a member of the ANC Emalahleni Sub Regional Committee . He was later elected as the Deputy Chairperson of this sub-regional structure and served for two terms, and was the Chairperson of its Political Education sub-committee.

In 2011 he was elected as the directly elected PR Councillor of the ANC to Chris Hani District Municipality. As an elected Councillor, he was deployed as a member of the Infrastructure Standing Committee and the Performance Audit Committee.

In March 2012, he was appointed to serve in the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC). In August of the same year, he was then appointed as the Chairperson of MPAC when it was restructured by the Municipal Council.

In 2016, he was re-elected back to Chris Hani District Municipality after the local government elections. In the second municipal Council meeting held, he was appointed to serve in the MPAC as the Chairperson. As the Chairperson of the MPAC in the district, he was instrumental in the establishment of the functional District Forum of all MPACs within the District. Whilst serving in this capacity, in 2017, he got elected as the Provincial Deputy Secretary of the National Association of the Municipal Public Accounts Committees (NAMPAC) in the Eastern Cape.

In August 2018, Gela was elected as the 8th Regional Chairperson of Chris Hani Region. As the Chairperson of the Region, he also heads the Regional Working Committee, the Political Education and Training Sub-committee and the Regional Deployment Committee.

Chris Hani District Municipality is definitely going to tap from his  vast experience, skills and deep political insight from the African National Congress and those acquired from a range of disciplines.

The legislative function of a Council entails the passing of by-laws, policy formulation, the oversight of the executive and administration and the communication channel between the Community and the Municipality.