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Executive Mayor

Nancy Ratele

Tel: (045) 808 4606

Mr. Mvuyisi Mdzeke
Senior Manager in the Office of Executive Mayor

The Municipal Structures Act requires the mayor to preside at meetings of the executive committee, performs the duties including any ceremonial functions, and exercises the powers delegated to him or her by the Municipal Council or the Executive Committee.


  • Identify needs of the municipality
  • Receiving reports from committees of municipal council thereafter reporting with recommendations to the council
  • Recommend to the municipal council strategies, programmes and services to address priority needs through the integrated development plan, & the estimates of expenditure & revenue, taking into account any applicable national and provincial development plans
  • To ensure effective political direction and decision-making.
  • To ensure good liaison with regional, provincial and national political structures.
  • To ensure the effective management of the Mayor Committee.

The legislative function of a Council entails the passing of by-laws, policy formulation, the oversight of the executive and administration and the communication channel between the Community and the Municipality.