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Chris Hani DM, Komani area is facing a major water crisis.  Besides the long spell of drought which saw our water sources adversely affected, the situation is exacerbated by: 

  • A recent heat wave that saw water demand rising at alarming levels;
  • McEwan pump station frequent stoppages;
  • Leakages detected in the area from government institutions and schools and;
  • Lack of relief from Bonkolo Dam which is beyond measurable levels

It is becoming apparent that our only source of supply, Water Down dam cannot cope with the current state as water channeled to our reservoirs from this source must immediately be dispatched to consumers due to demand.   The reservoirs become so depleted to the extent that the water pressure is too low to provide water to higher lying areas whilst low lying areas would somewhat, be at an advantage.

CHDM introduced water restrictions which are scheduled between 20h00 and 05h00 to allow reservoirs levels to increase and be able to distribute to all areas during the day. We have noted that high-lying areas are the hardest hit as they are without water for the better part of the day.

As Komani now solely depends on Waterdown Dam as a water source, the dam levels have also decreased to 60%.The Department of Water and Sanitation have also notified the District of this severe strain on our dam levels. The Department will decrease allocation to Komani should dam levels reach 55%. This will compel CHDM to introduce more water restrictions and water cuts.

We plead with residents/ratepayers to take control of their own supply and use water sparingly and adhere to water saving practices by, amongst others,

  • refraining from watering gardens and lawns,
  • washing cars with hosepipe,
  • reducing laundry intervals,
  • turning off water tap whilst brushing teeth,
  • taking shorter showers etc.

Public and business entities are also urged to play their part by reducing consumption as much as possible. Importantly, repair leaks within own properties and report any outside leaks to CHDM.

In light of the above, water restrictions will still continue in the evening, however, during the day water will be rationed for low lying areas so as to benefit high lying areas. Transgressions will attract a spot fine. This is only an attempt for us all to have a fair distribution of this important resource.

CHDM intends undertaking local assessments and repairs on leakages as an intervention to preserve water.

For more information, contact Customer Care line on 0800 100 100 or 045 838 1697.